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Date Night @ The Lafayette Hotel | San Diego Engagement Photography

San Diego Engagement Photography at The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, CA// This engagement session felt like walking onto a movie set. I loved the idea of re-creating "date night" for Bridgette & Chad's shoot. The Lafayette recently updated their space and I was completely floored when I first walked in. This place knows exactly how to create a MOOD! The hotel is a mix of classic hollywood meets a speak-easy vintage vibe and every corner is worthy of a moment. This hotel also has a cute lil corner dedicated to music as they are "record obsessed audiophiles". The low lights and warm lamps created an intimate and romantic ambiance. It's that special kind of place that instantly transports you into another era.

For anyone considering a similar session it's always best to check with the hotel or restaurant first. Some locations require a permit, others require signing something. There may or may not be a time limit. It's typically recommended to have the session during off peak hours to avoid crowds or having other people in the background which can limit the session. We ended up re-creating this mood late morning on a Monday, which was perfect because no one was around and we had the place all to ourselves!


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