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Italian Vintage Inspired Engagement at Balboa Park | 35mm film + super 8mm movie + digital photos

Italian Vintage Inspired Engagement photos at Balboa Park, San Diego | 35mm film + super 8 film + digital // I was recently inspired by my trip to Italy with my husband to Positano. There's something undeniably captivating about the European aesthetic that transcends time, it's incredibly romantic and the buildings are so inspiring. When Rachel & Adam reached out and were completely open to any styling of my choosing (Eeeee!!!) I opted to focus on pearl accents, and the romantic architecture within Balboa park. When you combine that timeless essence with the picturesque beauty of the park, magic happens! I asked Rachel to wear a short white dress, pearl details and gloves. Hello gorgeous! Adam was the classic man in black, so dapper. I really loved how beautiful everything came out and we were able to incorporate many mediums by shooting and mixing it up with a combination of black & white film & digital photography along with vintage super 8 movie film for that extra bit of nostalgic magic. I genuinely love film and incorporating it into a shoot is so fun! The movie was shot on an old wind up camera from the 1940's (not technically super 8 but regular 8)) which honestly has me geeking out like a kid, I love it and the feel it gives. The grainy texture and vintage color palette of Super 8mm film adds a beautiful layer of authenticity, like an old home movie.

Each medium has its own storytelling potential. Super 8mm film can create a cinematic narrative, capturing the atmosphere, emotions, and small details in a visually compelling way. Digital photography allows for quick documentation of important moments and candid interactions with precision. 35mm film can provide a timeless and artistic touch, adding a layer of elegance to your wedding & elopement photos. Each image takes a bit more time and patience so each moment is captured with intention.


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