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Moody Blacks Beach Engagement Photography at Gliderport in La Jolla| Sarah & Richard

Updated: May 6, 2023

Moody Blacks Beach Engagement Photography in San Diego, CA// Sarah & Richard love the water, live on a boat with their dog Dinghy and are getting married during the spring along the Harbor. Blacks Beach is not technically dog friendly so, they brought a friend along so that we could take a few photos before we parted ways and beelined for the ocean and sand. One of my favorite elements of this location are the paragliders soaring above the cliffs for just a touch of extra magic :)

Blacks Beach in San Diego is a beautiful location for engagement photography, with its stunning cliffs and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. Here are some tips for a successful photoshoot:

  1. Timing: The best time for a photoshoot at Blacks Beach is during the golden hour, which is the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset. The lighting during this time is soft and warm, which makes for beautiful, flattering photos.

  2. Clothing: Choose clothing that is comfortable, but also reflects your personal style. Avoid anything too busy or distracting, as you want the focus to be on you as a couple. Solid colors or classic prints are great or even bringing a change of clothes and/or a layer that can be removed.

  3. Props: Consider bringing props to add interest to the photos. A blanket to sit on or wrap up in, a bouquet of flowers, champagne, a hat, or a cute sign with your wedding date are all great options.

  4. Be prepared: Blacks Beach is a popular spot for surfers and beach-goers, and it’s considered a nude beach so be prepared for that and extra time to find parking. Also, wear comfortable shoes, as there is a bit of a hike to get down to the beach itself.

With a little preparation, your engagement photos at Blacks Beach in San Diego are sure to be stunning and memorable!


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