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Rainy Day Wedding Vibes at Green Gables | Kelly & Tyler

Rainy Day Wedding Vibes at Green Gables//They say a little rain on your wedding day is good luck. Green gables is one of the venues in San Diego that can compliment the rain.. There's a standalone tent that is always in place for receptions but can be quickly altered into a ceremony space if needed, as done on this particular day. I really love that the bridal suites are wildly stylish and great for photos. There's a really romantic element that the rain adds, especially among all the greenery. I loved the vintage feel of the day and Kelly's wedding dress + bows were the sweetest detail. Here are some tips and suggestions for a successful rainy day wedding:

  1. Use umbrellas: Have umbrellas on hand for the wedding party and guests to use during the ceremony and reception to walk in between the covered areas. Bubble umbrellas are great for the bridal party because they photograph super well & keep you dry. These guys got lucky because the rain stopped right after their ceremony and they were able to take portraits without the umbrellas but they were great to have on hand because it rained the rest of the day.

  2. Have a backup plan: If your venue does not have a tent or inside space then it's always a great idea to rent a tent as a backup plan for the rain just in case it rains. This year it rained more then ever from December-March.

  3. Lighting: Rainy days can be dark and gloomy, so make sure you have proper lighting in place to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Consider adding fairy lights, candles, or lanterns to brighten up the space.

  4. Photography: Rainy days can create beautiful and unique photo opportunities, we can capture some stunning rain shots and create a nice variety of portraits both inside & outside.

  5. Embrace the rain: make it a unique part of your wedding. Incorporate umbrellas and/or rain boots (super cute under a dress), and take advantage of the beautiful photo opportunities that a rainy day can provide!


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