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Elopement in Yosemite National Park | Monica & Vanessa | California Wedding Photographer

Yosemite Elopement in California // An intimate day spent with Vanessa and Monica in one of the most gorgeous locations on the planet - Yosemite National Park. Best time go? I recommend May, early June and October. If you decide to go before May then you're dealing with snow and potentially closed roads. During the summer time the crowds are massive with risks of wildfires. In October the weather is in the cool 70's and really lovely, especially if you are hiking at all. It's a stunning place to visit year round and it is nice to know what to expect with the weather before you plan!

This session was taken at both Tunnel View and in the Yosemite Valley at Cooks Meadow. Yosemite requires a special use permit for all events despite the size. The application fee is $150, you can apply a year in advance and you can find more info on permits here

There's something really special about Yosemite and the magic you feel when you're here. Looking upon the enormous mountains and epic views makes you feel so tiny as well as fortunate to be apart of this world. It's that kind of pinch me I'm dreaming feel. I loved frolicking through the forest and valley with these beautiful ladies. Their energy and laughter filled with light and love. I'm in love with the boho vibes of printed lace, tall boots, fur jackets and wide brim hats. If you know me then you'd know I love fashion and the 70's. Combine that with some experimental prisms and you get this dose of awesome. Looking at these images brings me back to this day, all the beauty it held, and I'm so grateful I get to document such special moments in time. HUGE shout out to Monica & Vanessa, you little rockstars <33333

YOSEMITE ELOPEMENT // CREDITS Photography: Berlynn Photography, San Diego and Southern California Wedding Photographer Wedding Location: Yosemite National Park, California Planning: Harmony Haft // Florals: The Champagne Projects Dress: Lael Collection // Boots: Free People


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