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Intimate San Diego Elopement at Balboa Park | Olivia & Alonzo

Intimate San Diego Elopement Photography at Balboa Park// The light just hit differently, it literally made me stop in my tracks even though I’ve been here so many times before. To tune in to the couple, their unique perspective and to share the unfolding love story, despite how many times I’ve been to a location, is done with intention. It is the honor of a lifetime to create art for generations to enjoy, that does not get past me. I take it to heart one million percent! After photographing so many people and locations, regardless of how familiar the location is, I usually find myself yearning for more time. I usually have more ideas than we have time for, this is often the case when shooting with me and one of the many benefits you get with me. IYKYK. It's not cookie cutter and the photos are tailored specifically to each couple. I think it’s fun to stretch yourself creatively, push the boundaries, & learn new skills! I have many tools I use to create a unique shoot including but not limited to 35mm film, super 8mm vintage videography, GIFS, behind-the-scenes moments, including the environment, using prisms, and I go back and forth with my fuji and canon mirrorless digital cameras. I pre-plan all my shoots with room for growth and adjustment, I don't ever really talk about this but, this goes back to intention! I come to my sessions full of fresh ideas and inspo to keep things flowing! I get delighted every shoot, for every couple, it’s like a puzzle I get to unlock with care every time. I get so much joy out of the simple things. Sunlight on your cheeks, the way the light dances through the trees, how your eyes light up when you see each other, the way you show up and dress up for each other, all of it. I’m here for alllllllll of it!

With each couple, there's a new chapter to write, new emotions to capture, and new memories to create. So, even in the most familiar of locations, my aim is to bring out the uniqueness of each couple. To find that magical angle, the perfect lighting, and that candid moment that encapsulates their love. It's never really about where we are but how we feel, and I work to convey those emotions through my work. It's all about crafting a visual narrative that tells a love story, one that will be admired for generations to come. It's an art form that constantly evolves, challenges, and inspires me. I've been photographing full time for a decade now. The more I explore it, the more I realize that there are no limits to what can be achieved with two people in front of my camera. Every shoot is a fresh opportunity to connect with people, and make memories that will stand the test of time. I am grateful for the chance to be a part of so many love stories and to leave a lasting impact on the couples I work with. It's a lifelong journey of discovery and artistry, and I can't wait to keep exploring :)


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