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Unique Locations for an Engagement Shoot in San Diego / So Cal

Need a unique location for your engagement shoot in San Diego? I got you! As a southern California engagement and wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing couples in love all around. From the beaches to the wineries, the desert, mountains and everywhere in between, there are endless possibilities for engagement shoot locations. And while I love capturing couples in more traditional settings like Balboa Park or near the sea, sometimes it's fun to switch things up and go for something a little more unique. Here are a few of my favorite unique engagement shoot locations in So Cal, including a vintage gas station in Joshua Tree!

1. Laundromat Engagement Shoot - There's something so charming about a laundromat engagement shoot. Maybe it's the retro feel of the appliances or the warm, homey feeling you get from being surrounded by laundry. These were taken in Menifee (inland empire) by my house but, the good news is that laundromats are in every city. This is a great way to show off your personality as a couple and have some fun with your photos!

2. Vintage Gas Station in Joshua Tree - Ok, technically this is not San Diego but it's close! For couples who love adventure, consider having your engagement photos taken at a vintage gas station near Joshua Tree National Park. This would be a great place to capture some stunning desert landscapes after as well!

3. Car Wash Engagement Shoot - A car wash engagement shoot is a great way to add some fun and playfulness to your photos. And who doesn't love shiny, clean cars? Just make sure you pick a car wash that has a lot of color and personality for added interest.

Other fun unique ideas I would love to bring to life (HINT! HINT!)

4. Grocery store engagement shoot- Can you picture it? The long aisles and maybe pushing each other around in the shopping cart as you each hand pick out ingredients. This could easily be paired with a cooking engagement shoot if you have access to a beautiful kitchen

5. Air Mattress on the beach engagement shoot- after you guys roll around the sheets then you can share a snack, like some delish pizza! Yum!!

6. Surf's Up! Engagement Shoot - San Diego is famous for its beautiful beaches, so why not make use of that with an engagement shoot? We can capture you and your fiance enjoying the surf and sand while making cherished memories together. If you don't have surf boards then consider jumping in the water in your swimsuits to add that element to a shoot!

Craving something more traditional?

1. Downtown Engagement Shoot - Downtown San Diego is full of great places to take engagement photos, from urban alleyways to skyline views. The images below were taken at the San Diego Guild hotel. It's super close to waterfront park if you want more than one location. If you're looking for a more edgy vibe, downtown is definitely the place to go. Just be prepared for crowds and traffic noise if you choose to shoot during peak hours!

2. Balboa Park Engagement Shoot - This historic park is full of charm and character, and makes for a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos with lot's of variety in both nature and architecture.

3. La Jolla Wind & Sea Beach Engagement Shoot - Easily one of my favorite places to have a photoshoot is the beach (OR the desert!) for it's natural beauty and color palette of sky blue and neautral colors of sand and the earth. With so many options to choose from it's hard to deny this amazing option and sometimes it's hard for people to choose which beach. Some of my other favorites include Coronado, La Jolla Shores, Sunset Cliffs and Black's beach


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